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Dive into Sterling on the Lake

Taylor Morrison Master Bedroom at Sterling on the Lake

25 October . 2017

Master Living on the Main Floor


The increased popularity of home plans that feature the master bedroom on the main floor seems to be a trend that is here to stay. And it’s easy to see why. It makes sense to live comfortably with the amenities you want and the easy access of main floor living.

At Sterling on the Lake our homebuilders currently offer a wide variety of 20 unique home plans with the master bedroom located on the main floor.

Benefits of Main Floor Living 

There are many benefits of living with your master on the same floor as the main living areas.  Main-floor master bedrooms are more accessible than their other-floor counterparts. Plus, putting the most important rooms on the same floor also means reduced cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.

Main-level master suites are more convenient and better for aging in place. This is a big benefit for homeowners looking towards retirement, and others who find it difficult to get around, as it saves multiple trips up and down the stairs. Homes with main-floor master bedrooms are more accommodating in the long run. Most people find it harder to move around as their age increases, making it important to install elevators and railings on the stairs for safe navigation. Having a main-floor master bedroom reduces that need.

Young families enjoy having the master on the main while the children’s rooms can be upstairs thereby creating an oasis for the parents. And those that work from home appreciate the benefit of having their home office upstairs, separating their work life from the living areas and master bedroom on the main level.

The Springs

One of our neighborhoods in Sterling on the Lake, The Springs, offers all home plans with masters on the main floor. These homes feature versatile designs, open floor plans, and gourmet kitchens ideal for entertaining, appealing to a wide variety of individuals and families.

Many find that living with the master bedroom on the main level is a simpler way of life.  They value having convenient access to the main living areas – the bathroom, the kitchen, and the patio – without having to walk up and down the stairs to access the rest of their home. 

And should you ever need to relocate, main-floor master bedrooms also help to increase the resale value of the home because so many homebuyers find them better suited to their personal needs.

Ready to find your new master-bedroom on the main floor? Visit our Homefinder today to see all homes available in Sterling on the Lake with the master on the main floor.


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