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Dive into Sterling on the Lake

Meditation class at Sterling on the Lake

05 January . 2018

Your Post-Holiday Detox Guide for the Mind, Body & Soul


The weeks leading up to the holidays can be stressful. Coordinating different schedules, finding time to spend with loved ones, and faring through the rush of holiday shopping can take a toll on even the most organized person. Now as a new year has begun, it’s time to recharge. Try out a yoga class, held every Thursday at the Clubhouse, or take a Meditation class, like the one in The Lodge. These activities have been proven to encourage a healthy lifestyle and benefit your mental health, making you stronger, healthier, and happier this year.


When the new year rolls around, many find it as an opportunity to detox the body with exercise and healthy eating. Although working out and eating healthy can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule, there are simple ways to make these activities simple and fun. Get outdoors and schedule time with friends and family to take a stroll through the community’s parks and trails. Choose to cook a healthy meal with the little ones in the kitchen. The key is to make exercise and healthy eating part of your everyday life, without having to compromise other facets of your life that you love.


Focusing on personal mental well-being is often an overlooked element of healthy living. Going into the new year, it’s important to take steps to find relaxing time for yourself. This can be as luxurious as treating yourself to a pamper day or as easy as taking 5-15 minutes twice a week to unwind with a bath or a good book. Take a day to complete all lingering tasks, like organizing the garage or cleaning the kitchen. Completing small goals each day will leave you feeling accomplished while alleviating stress in the process.

By following this guide, you can welcome the New Year feeling relaxed and ready. For more information on exploring community amenities, click here.