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Dive into Sterling on the Lake

Boy and his dog fishing in Lake Sterling

02 April . 2020

Enjoy the Outdoors While Social Distancing

By now, you’ve heard about the importance of “social distancing” and staying home during this time. While these are extremely important measures that will help us to flatten the curve over time, we also know how important it is to take some time to step outside – safely – for some fresh air! Here are some of our top tips for enjoying the outdoors while adhering to the health experts’ guidance.

  1. Enjoy a book on your porch

Do you have a list of books you haven’t gotten around to reading yet? Take this time to check off a few from your reading list and enjoy the sights and sounds of your neighborhood from your covered front or back porch. Bonus: You can wave at your neighbors from afar as they walk past your home.

  1. Hit the trails

Go for a stroll or run along the sidewalks and trails near your home. It’ll give you a chance to connect with nature while squeezing in some physical activity. Tip: Remember to give other trail and sidewalk users a 6-foot space as you pass them.

  1. Cast a line

Grab your fishing pole and cast a line out at one of the many nearby lakes. The sounds of the lake and wildlife are a great way to reconnect with the outdoors. Bonus: This is a great activity to do with kids!

  1. Break a sweat

Take your workout or yoga session to your own backyard for a change of scenery and some sunshine. There are so many free online exercise videos, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Tip: Bring a portable speaker for some inspiring workout tunes.

  1. Have some fun with chalk

By now, you may have seen some of the inspirational messages people have been sharing with their neighbors with sidewalk chalk. Why not create your own message of hope in front of your house? Bonus: This is an activity that can be done weekly or even daily, changing up the message each time.

There are still plenty of ways to get some fresh air while social distancing. By being responsible during this uncertain time, we can help slow the spread – together.

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