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Child working on her laptop for digital learning with headphones on. Books and apple on desk.

25 September . 2020

New Home Designs to Help your Children Learn from Home

Over the past few months, covid-19 has shifted the way we collectively view the concept of home. No longer just a place to hang your hat, home is where many of us are living, learning, working, and playing in the same space. With this in mind, we brought you our 5 must haves in a new home in the “new normal,” but families switching to e-learning have additional considerations. With so many families in Flowery Branch making the switch to e-learning for at least a few days a week, school-age children need dedicated spaces for school, homework, and relaxation. Here are 6 kid-friendly design ideas to consider in your new home.

Kid-Friendly Workspace

Finding a suitable workspace for your e-learning child will look different depending on their age, but every student will need a good space to attend class and complete assignments. Options include a table the right height for your children, a trendy desk, or even built-in desks.

Stop & Drop

More and more builders are incorporating stop and drops (also known as drop zones or valets) into their home designs. These handy organization spaces can usually be found by the front door, by the garage, or by the laundry room. They provide a transition space between the indoors and outdoors for those not wanting to dedicate an entire mudroom, and it helps corral school supplies such as backpacks and lunch boxes.

Flex Space

There are endless possibilities for creating a kid-friendly flex space. Our Homefinder features plans with flex rooms, bonus rooms, and lofts which can be used as study space or room to relax. Giving your child a secondary area allows them to physically and mentally separate school from play, which helps your child be more effective academically.

Reading Nook

You may want to consider a “soft space” for your child where they can read or listen to music. Some options include a cozy window seat, a fort or teepee, or even a cozy re-purposed closet!

Storage Space

With many homes now functioning as classrooms, there are more school supplies to store than ever. Consider a bookcase with cubbies or a dedicated school supply closet. Browse our Homefinder to find plans with plenty of storage space.

Outdoor Living

Spending time outdoors can help your child feel more creative, energized, and clear-headed. Consider using the outdoors as an extension of your child’s workspace – it’s easy when your classroom is on a tablet! You may also want to set up a space where your child can play and relax while soaking up some essential Vitamin D.

If you’re looking for a new home during this unprecedented time, the Sterling on the Lake team is here to help. Get in touch now!