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Dive into Sterling on the Lake

Dad and daughter building a play fort

03 April . 2020

Things to do With Your Kids Indoors

These days, your family is likely spending much more time together inside. Discover some of our favorite ideas for staying busy, having fun, and bonding with your children without stepping foot outside.

Dance Parties

  • You don’t have to be a kid to have fun busting a move in the house. Find an online streaming service offering kid-friendly playlists and get the whole family to move their feet for a few songs.

Make a Fort

  • Have any large boxes lying around the house? Transform them into a make-believe hideaway or castle! If you don’t have any boxes on hand, get creative with draping blankets and pillows over furniture for a different type of fort.

Build Something

  • There are some toys that just seem to hold children’s attention more than other, such as buildable items like Legos. Try constructing your home, neighborhood, or imagine a brand-new thing to create together.

Get Creative with Coloring

  • No coloring book on hand? No problem! Check out some of these websites with free downloadable designs and artwork you can print and use. Or, if you’re feeling artistic, help your child illustrate their favorite story by outlining the characters and letting your child color them in.

Try Your Hand at Cards

  • Learn a new card game together, or teach your kids a classic such as Uno, hearts, or gin rummy, adapting the rules as needed.

Explore Something New

  • Many museums, historic sites, and zoos are now offering free live-streams and tours of their facilities. Each week you can plan a virtual tour to take together, without even leaving your living room.

Make Chores Fun

  • The structure of routine and chores benefits people of all ages. Tie in a game aspect, such as a timer, or small rewards to get your kids involved. You’ll have fun together and you’ll get a helping hand around the house!

There are plenty of ways to entertain your family from the comfort of home. With so many activities open to a variety of ages, the options for having fun and creating memories together are practically endless. Stay connected with Sterling on the Lake on Facebook and Instagram and share how you are making the most of this bonus together-time.